Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday 13

Thursday 13:

  1.  Man did this week FLY BY!
  2. Did major cleaning today, but still the friggin ants are  rampant in my kitchen.
  3. Switching from DirectTV to Dish. Bleah. I hate anything but cable
  4. Kinda wish the   dish went out during the heavy snow, maybe I could convince Paul of cable, but no luck. 
  5. They say another big snow storm is heading our way. Guess what? I am freakin OVER winter already.
  6. I was such a die hard winter gal, but... im done
  7. When I am at 7 and I have 6 more to go, I  start to not like Thursday 13
  8. Lots of barking from my babes tonight. The coyote must be back. yikes!
  9. 50 Saturday... we are going to have a FLOOD  in the back!
  10. I think we should bomb Saturday. The black ants are taking over the kitchen. 
  11. Out to dinner with my girlfriends last night. From 5 til 9 . Yes, we missed each other!!
  12. Tomorrow is Paul's second outpatient PT. He is moving right along. Maybe I should schedule my left knee... idk. I am afraid. 
  13. Thirteen FINALLY!! 

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