Friday, February 19, 2016

500 Words.

500 WORDS, Day One

        This is my first attempt at the 500 Words a Day, challenge. A challenge to come back to my first love, writing. Choosing a topic wasn’t so bad because I can write about everything that challenges my heart. Today…

Deserving Better.
        Sometimes we, as women, put ourselves on the back burner because more is expected from us. Even if we work 40 hours, and have children, it seems like dinner on the table and laundry and keeping house, all falls on us. I would like to say that is changing, at least it is in my ‘circle’ of friends. Wives that work full time and husbands that aren’t, seem to be doing more pitching in, folding clothes, bathing the kids, helping with housework/homework, for the kids and  just being there in general, more than say my folks generation. Let me rephrase that. The generation UNDER my generation, seems to be helping more, and taking more responsibility. My generation is getting close to, or have already retired, and things are a little more laid back.
        One thing that does disappoint me about the next and the very next generations, is the lack of self respect. Now, my husband and I did live together before we married, so I wont jump too hard on THAT, but the younger ones seem to be living together, and together, and together and together. I am not really too sure what their priorities ARE. They bear children from one, two, three even 4 lovers and children, little children are paying the ultimate price. Not JUST ( and I use ‘just’ lightly ) having scattered family, many ‘dads’, no sense of commitment, and not really knowing who is in charge from day to day. Instead, this one is my brother and this is HIS dad, and this is my little sister, and that is her dad, etc. Who is going to teach those children about responsibilities and who is going to lead them to make GOOD choices and have  happy and successful lives? Am I making too much out of this? We all deserve better than to go from lover to lover, home to home, grandma to grandpa to aunt to cousin.
        People don’t seem to understand, that the only way we can make things better for our children, is to make ‘deserving’ better, a personal responsibility. Yes, my child deserves to know that both their mom and dad love them. That they will never leave them. That they have enough self respect and self discipline to give the very best to their child/children.
        How can we possibly raise smart successful adults if we ourselves refuse to be smart successful adults, that make good choices! Life throw curves at us all the time. When we least expect it, BAM, we are dodging things. To be able to weather lifes storms, we have to know how, and how to handle disappointments. Its not moving on to someone new, its holding on to the love that have, first for ourselves, then for our spouses and for our children. But first, we have a better chance of everyone being on a good path, when we rely on our Heavenly Father. Who WILL never leave us.


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