Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday… A Day Like No Other.

What a crap day today was. Slept in. Missed my 7:15 freakin health care appointment. Went out to do some stuff and crashed into the biggest hell hole, or pot hole imaginable. Found out some stuff I didn't really expect to find out. Did stop at Gordy's for a Sandveech. That was good :) Casey's ear infection is back. That's another 200 I can't pull from the air!! I feel so bad for her. It was Spikey always having the ear problems, now Casey. Like the seizures aren't enough for the poor gal!! THEN I had to 'system restore' my computer. 9 million pictures that I won't see again. I have to go through Microsoft Office hell AGAIN, a zillion recipes that I can never replace…. Yep, I have 15 flash drives right here in front of me. No, I have no brain cells anymore.

I did got to dinner with Paul and Brenden. Olive Garden. eh. But, it was 2 hours of laughing and picking on poor B!! I cannot wait til the kitchen is done at the house. I have to start packing. I have an Open House Sunday, and if anyone likes it, I have 30 days. I did not want Paul and I to share a bed until we are married. Plus, he has a mattress that is older than life itself and we are having the bedroom enlarged. I can't really obsess about it though. Well, I could…

I am heading to bed now. I have had enough of THIS Wednesday. Lets see if tomorrow is any better!!!

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