Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday 13... And Then Some!

Thursday 13…

note, its been a busy day so there may be 13, there may be 30 ;) just to forewarn you!!

  1. At the welfare place today for my healthcare. So many observations!! I was the only one in my vicinity that didn't have a smart phone. Who pays for that? Mine is 5 years old and 25 a month. I must be doing something wrong here!
  2. There was a precious one week old baby there. Oh melt my HEART! The mom was about 15-16 and wouldn't hold him. She told her mom “ I don't want to do this, YOU take care of him”. 56 and childless … that is sickening to hear.
  3. Two ladies in front of me. One has two children and says she is DONE. The other has 6 and said that she loves children so much, she is hoping to have a couple more.
  4. That was my fastest trip to that government office ever. I get to the window and explain that … well, issues with my 'caseworker' and said that now the program I am on says I am no longer on it. So I call the Medicaid office and she says I have to go IN to discuss this. So I go in, and she said ''you are fine''. Smh. Is no one in sync anymore?
  5. Headstart. I am guessing that is a school of sorts for preschoolers? Anywho, when the parents/grandparents were dropping the kiddos off, they were so happy to be going. They were all 'ready' for a fun day. I am glad there are places for them to go so that they are not confined in front of the television. It was fun watching them going in.
  6. So, Poland schools are in dire need of financial things for the schools. They are closing some of them. Its a big thing around here and a major topic on talk radio today. One guy calls, LIVID saying… “can you believe that Boardman hasn't fixed their air conditioning in 15 years. Poland cannot go without having air! They need to spend the 375 MILLION ( not really sure of the true numbers, yet exuberant!) to fix them. 2 thoughts on this caller. 1 is that ARE YOU CRAZY? I WENT TO SCHOOL FOR MY LIFE AND WE NEVER HAD AIRCONDITIONING!!!!! and 2, I was passing the old South High School while listening. My DAD went to school there. Its falling apart, yet… people still go to school there. So, if Poland Schools were built in the 50's … what is the big deal? Inner city? Yes. BUT… its utilized. Not vacant, not beautiful, but who cares? Kids go to school there every day. People have their priorities so messed up these days. Kids are given Ipads, laptops, etc… How about some cost efficiencies? All these schools want levy's because they want new stadiums… Boardman built there’s entirely on raised money. I am not very understanding when it comes to taxpayers money.
  7. These potholes, make my radio stop every time I bang into one. I am not loving that. I hit one the other day and hurt my front end.
  8. At the grocery store today. This lady pulls all the bagged cheeses off the hook to LOOK at what she needs. Then, throws the rest in the milk case. Seriously?
  9. This 16.00 a month is a challenge!! That is my new food assistance money. So I took that plus 4 bucks and bought the 5 for $20 deal at the store. Now to make those 5 items stretch! Thankfully I like to make soup and the soup fills me up. My life will be much different once I am married. I really blew my financial plan this month. I bought an alarm clock and a new knife and a big Charmin!! Sad.
  10. I went to a long needed chiro appointment today. Oh boy. I would trade those food bucks for healthcare ANY DAY.
  11. I made some beet eggs today!! I cannot wait til tomorrow to open that container. I may have to sneak one tonight.
  12. My new glasses are in!! Again healthcare vs food assistance.
  13. Working on doggie biscuits tomorrow after my podiatrist appt. Again…
  14. Pete next door called me today. He is so worried about the house going up for sale. He said “can't you and Paul just live here?” He is so sweet. I would rather be staying here. But both houses are 'home' to me.
  15. Took 2 Tramadol for my shoulder this afternoon and napped for way too many hours. But… I am still ready for another nap.
  16. A friend of mine just adopted a puppy. She wants me to make my dog's food for her dog… AND, she is willing to pay me! Her dog is going to be a big one, so I am going to pass, and just give her the recipe.

Well, 13 turned into 16 but I had a lot on my mind. Hope you have a great night!!

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