Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just Some Thoughts...

I just think these little guys are the cutest things in the world. Love them.

This is how I feel. I feel like I can
just let the Lord lead me in His
direction and I'll be fine.
When I first saw this picture, I couldn't take my eyes
off of it. Its in Canada. Banff Alberta Canada.
I may need a little vaca there.
Isn't this the sweetest picture? Thanks to my
second husband, I can't be without all of mine.
I used to just say OK, I have a dog, now I say "yes
I have 3 kids"!!! Best thing that ever happened to me.
Yes, I am a Pinterest addict. Follow me at 
I love this, but I don't dread it so much as
I can't make it work in my life.
That's why I lean on my Lord. He understands me
and knows my secret sin, and loves me anyway.

Making a carrot cake tonight. Its nice to get orders just when
I need them the most.
I have great memories of Sundays. My entire life Sunday has
been a day of joy. When I was younger, church was my
priority. I had a great life then. It was important to raise the
kids with The Lord in their lives. One of my best Sunday
memories is when my mother in law and father in law
and husband ( now all ex's) used to go for brunch at Pat's Topanga
Canyon restaurant. Topanga canyon, for the uber rich, or the uber laid back
and to be honest, if I ever had an opportunity to be uber rich, that
is where I would make my home.
My dream...
My Aunt Lillian and Uncle Al. She has no idea who he is. They have been
married over 60 years. The front of their home has an ocean view. They
raised 3 kids, my awesome cousins, they took in one of
the granddaughters when she was in her wild child stage. They took care
of their elderly neighbor for YEARS, and when she passed, she
left them her house. They were quite a team. She worked for New Jersey Bell
until she retired, he was a teacher and coach for the local high schools. He
wrote a book a few years back. I bought it for my dad for Christmas ... now I
have no idea where it went. I love them with all of my heart because THEY
love with all of theirs.
I am looking forward to winter nights.
Clark 1
Clark 2
Clark 3
These are on my 'wish list'. they are each close to $200. I am not a rich girl, and
what little monies I have, I cannot touch. But my goal is to make enough
biscuits this fall, to have these 3 Clarks in my closet ( and high enough so
Grace cant chew them).
I love this.
Will I ever find it?
We have this hanging in our class rooms!!!
I have. Thank You Lord.

I had a 'rant' on facebook about this. Its like the parents want thoughtful,
useful, respectful children. FIRST, you have to TEACH THEM thoughtfulness
and usefulness and how to be respectful. Don't dress your daughters like rock stars, and
don't let your sons wear pants around their thighs, teach them to honor and respect their
bodies and their authority and don't teach them how to swear or how to disrespect. Start this
when they are born, and you'll have this when they are teens.


  1. I love all of your Sunday thoughts.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read them. :)

  2. I loved every one of those. :) Thank you.
    And I have a pair of Clark flip-flops. LOVE them...

    1. I love that someone takes time to read my thoughts. Thank YOU. And I do love Clarks. My Grace ate my first pair but I loved them so much that I had them repaired! Now they go on the SHELF in my closet.