Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunday Stealings... And I need a new background....

More Meme, Part Two
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Let's go!!!

Taken from [[MORE]]: part two

What would you choose to be famous for? bringing joy into other's lives
If you have a webcam, are you ever paranoid people can see you? I think I do have one on this new computer but I don't know how to use it. And no. If I don't know how to turn it on, who could see me.
Do you find it difficult to sleep at night? Any reason(s) why?I do, and there are a few reasons. I drink STRONG coffee all day and all night , I play bejeweled a lot at  night, makes my brain crazy. And 3 I worry about being alone when I die.  
If you had to go on a game show, which would you choose? None. I hate game shows.
What about if you had to go on a reality show? None, I hate reality shows ;)
Which would you choose then? 
Tell me about your favorite TV show: I have a few. My most favorite is regular Law and Order. Then all (except Miami) Housewives, but not their 'spinoffs'. Then Andy Griffith.
Why were you last irritated? I was lied to. As usual.
What time did you get up this morning? 7 we had doggie mani pedis at 8, and I have a shit load of things to do today... yet here I sit.
The last city you were in: Where was it and do you like it there? Youngstown. I love it there. For all the bad that goes on, for all the degrading things people say about it, its my home.
Do you like the countryside? I love it.
If you see someone yawn, do you often yawn as well? hahaha, this made me yawn!!!
Recommend me a good movie: Identity Thief
Do you think you’d make a good model? omgosh i'm a tub!
Would you ever want to be one? no
How often do you change your hairstyle? I just changed it, from shoulder length to short and spikey. EASY
What does it look like now? see above
Do you have a favorite day of the week? Which is it? Saturday. Its my baking day and its so peaceful
Are you alone? Why are you coming over?? ;O... yes, I'm alone. My grandson will be here shortly to paint. Then I'll go get MY mani pedi and go shopping
When is the last time you were on the phone after 2 am? Ummmmmm That I could not answer. I have some serious sleeping time that I try and do at 2 am.


  1. I'm confused here. I've never watched a Real Housewives of ... but I thought those were reality shows where they filmed the women accomplishing tasks and going to parties, etc. Or maybe you don't mean The Real Housewives of ... and there are other Housewives shows that aren't reality shows like you hate. That's more than possible. I swear I must have 500+ channels and yet mostly I watch the news.

  2. I envy you your mani pedi I need to find someplace here to get one.

    1. Ahhh when I lived in CA , I could get a mani pedi and leave a tip for under 20. Here in YOUNGSTOWN OHIO I pay 40 for a pedi alone. But I do love them!!

  3. I'm all about sleep at 2AM too. Usually. Unless I'm out.

  4. I don't like the Housewives of Miami, either, but I watch the rest of them. ;-) They are my guilty pleasure.

  5. I don't even get why they even have Miami housewives.