Monday, September 9, 2013

Unfortunately this is so true. Its too bad we cannot see
past their unloving ways and just love them.

 I feel this way sometimes. I go for days and not answer the phone
or texts. Those are days I just want to be alone.

This is our Thursday Night and Friday Morning class!! Buncha clowns.


And live like a pauper.

I have a huge show at the Eastwood Expo this weekend. I'm living it!

no words


I should memorize this.


Thank You Lord

I need another trip here...soon. Before the end of fall.

I struggle everyday. With 'wants' vs 'needs'. With financial decisions and
with heart decisions. With health issues and simple thoughts...

I have to say for a time now, I have truly been
in love with my life. The harder I work, the
HAPPIER I become.


I don't necessarily believe this, but I am open to it.


I do have big dreams... one step at a time!

truth be told.

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