Thursday, August 30, 2012

~ Thursday, Song(s) Of the Day - I Like It - The Auctioneer - and The Cowboy In Me ~

I cant tell you how much Country Music defines me. In the 90's my brother and his wife split up, leaving my two beautiful nieces split in 2 truly disfunctional homes. Even remembering this breaks my heart and makes me cry. I love them so much and I had to keep SOME KIND OF SOMETHING that the 3 of us could have in common. The most we could share is music. One was 4 and one was 6 and I had every intention to NEVER let our relationship break. They lived 45 minutes from us and I knew they would be here alot. I knew I had to show them how much I loved them. So I started listing to country music. Tim McGraw was the first singer I learned about. This was the first song by Tim: Next JMM was Candyce's FAVORITE SONG!: my all time favorite Tim that brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it.

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