Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 Happy Things Everyday ~

  1. Two hours on the phone with the IRS and the CA Franchise Board made me happy to be in the 'place' I am in now. WOW the bullshit I found out... smh
  2. An email, just one little email can make my entire day. 
  3. Makes me happy that my 1st husband has no computer and a cell phone that only does phone calling. Even with what has  happened, when HE says he is sorry and has really changed, HE means it. 
  4. Going to the Greens in Canfield to listen to the Martina McBride concert this weekend. I love this relationship. We both have a great time, love spending time together then just go home. I'm two for two on those relationships and honestly, this is the way we both want it. For now. 
  5. Heading to WalMart early tomorrow morning and grocery shopping then coming home and doing what makes me feel wonderful. Making sauce (for everyone I think!! I have gotten so many tomatoes this past week I'll be making it mostly fresh!) and beef stew. I had the most wonderful recipe that I happened across last week and omg mom went crazy for it. I love cooking and baking.

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