Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 Happy Things Every Day

  1. What a beautiful morning it was today. Up grocery shopping by 6 am. The sunrise was beautiful. The store was so quiet. It was fun hanging with JMS and having breakfast before shopping, The traffic was non existent and the cashiers at Wally World were actually pleasant ... amazing!
  2. Nice little call from CA Franchise Board. THAT amazes me too!!
  3. HUGE pot of stew made today. Put them in containers and freezing them for us, and my bro and sis and Booz. Tomorrow... Sauce!
  4. Jim!!! I am missing your comments and emails! You are working entirely too much!! You're comments make me happy!!
  5. Having money left after grocery shopping! THAT makes  me happy.


  1. Mair -

    Okay, you caught me. Yes I am working too much. But I have a long weekend not being at the office so I can catch up with you. I love the addition of pictures on your blog what a beautiful group you have around you. They know the value of a smile.

    I got your e-mail, but the link did not open for me. What is the secret? Wear ruby red slippers, tap the heels three times, and say "There's no place like home."?

    Plus I want the details of your Sunday date. Remember I do not embarrass easily so you can tell me anything.

    A hug and a kiss.


    1. I'll gladly take that hug and kiss, and that email was spam. I got a bunch of emails telling me so, plus all those 'mailer-daemon' things.
      I do have a great family that surrounds me. I do miss my youngest nieces alot right now. We live just a few miles from each other and they actually like hanging out with me, now they are both off to college. The older two , as you can see have families and are busy with life, we make 'girl dates' and my sis and mom and I take them to lunch as often as possible. They are all so beautiful <3

      As for my Sunday night date, there will be nothing to tell. There is really nothing there, just we are now able to be company for each other. I haven't been able to even think about 'THAT' ... not yet, and not with an ex. :D I'm going to wait, til I am ready ... or until I'm ready to explode!!!!

      Here's a hug and a kiss back.

  2. Mair -

    It is going to take me a few days to catch up with what has been going on with you, but I am looking forward to seeing what I can learn. There are somethings I am willing to learn.