Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Mornings / TTT

Not really too much to blog about in the mornings. Life doesn't seem to happen til around noonish...if THEN!! But my Grace has been having seizures since 7 am, so we are just sitting here. Her sound asleep, me... putzin!! 

Today I have Lupus blood tests. My lab results came back inconclusive last week, so its back to Niles for round 2. I LIKE inconclusive. I hate Niles!! Hahaha. Unless I am shopping! 

Last week I was contacted by, and  made contact with someone I should have just not made any contact with. Why do I do that to myself, I wonder. That shit has to stop. Its just not good for me. So, I am deleting messenger from my phone, just to be safe and have no temptations. I have really no desire to put myself through any more bullshit. There are just a few ppl that can get to me anymore. 2, and the second one, is family so not much I can do about that one! Fortunately, the other one is many many many miles away. So, I eliminate messenger on the phone, I'm good. 

Think I'll do my Ten Thought Tuesdays...

  1. Watching and looking from afar at my precious great niece and nephew. This is killing me.
  2. Last night, I was watching... something, and Mr. Patel ... oh Judge Someone. Mr. Patel was the defendant. OMGosh, all I could think of were the prank phone calls to the Tippi kitchen!!! hahahahhahahahaahahaha. 'I'd like to order a pizza'!!!! Hahahahaha. Now THAT, my ex, was funny!!!
  3. Grace and her seizures. We are a pair. Can't wait til I can get her out of the house and walking for awhile. Its not easy taking ONE when you have THREE, but ... off we go.
  4. Blood work in Niles. LIke we don't have any places here in Y-town
  5. I can't wait for Small Group tonight... 
  6. Baking banana bread for tonight. Mmmmmmm. I should sell this stuff!!
  7. Sometimes I have flashbacks about things. CA, PA, beaches, dinners, if I had a life now, I wonder if I would still think of those times with them.
  8. Sometimes I remember how TRYING marriage is. It ain't for lightweights. I am def a repeat offender who has turned into a lightweight. Working on being better. I swear. 
  9. Thankfully, Grace is sleeping peacefully. I am going to set her on the bed and start my day. Here is 10 and I'll be gone girl...
  10. I love my girls. Thats it, I love my girls. xoxo 

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