Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sociopaths Lie. Always. With one Exception.

Sociopaths Lie. Always. WIth One Exception.

When a sociopath says… well, anything – they’re lying. Always. With one exception. It’s because of one trait sociopaths and normal humans share: We both reveal our character. We can’t help it.
What someone is all about comes out, guaranteed from the smile we have, the changing emotional reactions in our eyes to the things around us, in comments, spontaneous remarks or actions we take. – Or in the case of a sociopath the truth comes out in bizarre half spoken phrases interjected almost haphazardly and seemingly out of context.
Normal people might show who they are when someone standing near us drops something, who bends down to pick it up for them? When a mother and a baby and a stroller are at a doorway at the same time we are, who opens the door for them? When we hear someone is ill, who says, “Oh, poor Becky, I hope she’s better soon… I wonder if she needs anything?” – And who then takes her juice and soup? --- Who tears up at commercials showing little puppies being abused? Children going hungry? At sad endings? At happy endings?! – I’ll tell you who: Those with empathy. This is what sociopaths recognize in us, but do not feel. There is nothing that makes them cry. There is no one they feel empathy for. They do know how to spot this trait however, because they need it to exist at high levels in the prey they need for survival.

Believe it When the Sociopath says: “You Only Think You Love Me.”

Sociopaths tell us the truth about themselves in bizarre glimpses. Statements so far-fetched and out of the range of normal we can't comprehend the meaning and so brush it aside, tuck it under the rug with all the other oddities we’re collecting during our time with them.

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