Friday, January 15, 2016

Well, as days go, today wasn’t half bad. Did some house cleaning ( no, didn’t take those dang Christmas lights down yet ), went up to the hospital and sat with Paul for a few hours, then came home and made supper for Brendan and I. Tonight I feel kind of somber, and a little sad. When I read a comment such as “why did you two stop dating”, kind of puts me in my place. Weird. Questioning comments that I hadn’t yet been able to remove… well, sometimes I appreciate mean words. Reminds me of why things happened as they did.

I am having such odd things happen lately. I guess … maybe I best not blog about them quite yet. But, I wonder why.

I read that Grizzly Adams passed away. That makes 2 famous guys … I think Mel Tillis is next. Not to jinx him, but there is the 3s theory. I am babbling. Tonight feels strange. I hope B gets home soon. Usually I love being alone, but usually I had neighbors!!

Going with my cousins son to pick out a gun next week. I saw a pink handled glock and one with a pearl handle. Conceal carry classes are held by a shop owner in our church building, so I kind of want to get it before the next class. Paul said for being a person who doesn’t like guns in the house, this will be our FOURTH!! Hahaha. Poor guy. B has a glock and 2 Colt Pythons. We have set up a makeshift shooting range on the other side of the property, and BACK some and you know, I am not half bad! “for a girl” I hear!! Hahahah

Sunday Paul goes into rehab. They wanted him to go to Hampton House, but I don’t want to run into Mrs. G’s caregiver. As I felt … my competition that would eventually win. I have lost way too many times to other women, I wasn’t going to set myself up for another loss. Anywho, I changed the rehab place myself. I kept thinking about running into JJ so much, possibly, and those thoughts need to be NOT in my head. N O T in my head.

Well, speaking of trying  to avoid controversial thoughts, I best get to my Facebook daily devotions. Seems that is what keeps me avoiding potential sin!!

Have a great weekend J


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