Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Who Knew... oops, I did!!

A is so good with words they can get you off just from erotic whispers.

love to talk. Turn them on by talking dirty. They love it!

If you like quiet girls, skip the .

Best of Gemini ‏@BestofGemini  Nov 23
A #Gemini has no problem telling you how pissed off they are.

Best of Gemini ‏@BestofGemini Nov 23 #Gemini loves it when people they barely know connect with them. It never fails to win their heart.

Best of Gemini ‏@BestofGemini  Nov 22
If you think you can win against a #Gemini, you are terribly mistaken. Even if you are better, the #Gemini will win.

Best of Gemini ‏@BestofGemini  Nov 21
A #Gemini rarely falls in love, but when they do, everything else disappears in their mind.

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