Saturday, November 7, 2015

He Said "Its Up to You"

 I am not particularly fond of being left to make the big decisions, but when this gentleman came to our home again today, my husband said "Its up to you". We have had a couple of  talks about selling the compound and moving south. I don't know what I want to do. My sis and brother in law are talking about moving to the Carolina's in the next year or two. My brother wants to head to the ATL. My niece is in Miami, but when she marries Josh, I am sure they will be living in the Canton area. My youngest niece is either staying for 2 years in Morgantown , working in a lab at WVU, OR, leaving for grad school in Sydney Australia. My 2 older nieces,  well, the oldest is fine right here, and the younger oldest wants to head south. She / They are not sure if NC will be the destination, the ATL when her dad goes, or further south into FLA. So, do we stay or do we go?

Two weeks ago a gentleman came to the house and wanted to know if we would be interested in selling. He gave some numbers, never seeing the house inside, but loving the property. He said that he and his wife would like to have a place where they could build a small home on the other side of the property for their disabled son to have some independence. We looked at his offer and said that we would talk about it. His offer was 150k, and we owe 55k. Is 100k enough to uproot our lives? Honestly, this home  is almost 100 years old, but we have just made some major upgrades and improvements, and all of our upgrades will be paid off in March. Do we stay or do we go? See, I don't have any problem going... unless Bri comes back home. I love that child, and we are apart now and it is rough. I cannot say that I could just live far far from her.

This morning I was in the basement doing laundry when a series of knocks brandished the side door. I came upstairs to see our house hunter at the door. Well, I was in my PJs and Paul was in his shorts, so I just opened the door to talk. It was 730 and I wasn't having visitors at that time. He wondered if we had talked about his offer. I said 'briefly but not enough to come to any conclusion'.  "If my offer isn't enough, we can revisit it". I accused him of tempting us too early in the morning. He was going home for the weekend ( He  lives outside of Pittsburgh, but works in Salem, so this would be much closer for him) and would like to stop by maybe next week. I told him to call Paul and make a plan.

Do we stay or do we go...

We LOVED this one...

 So, those are some we pondered. I think we are going to wait til spring to make any final decisions. I know this guys offers shouldn't be ignored, but ... for right now, I still have my family here. Most of them. And having my cousins, nieces, great nephews and all the rest, right here... big big decision.  The one plus about moving, with he is a g reat  husband, provider and wherever we land, we will land there together.

And seriously, who could walk away from THIS face!!


  1. I find it odd that someone just knocked on your door and offered to purchase your home, unless you have a for sale sign out front. Do you? Maybe it is just my locale but just knocking and offering does not happen here and is generally considered some kind of scamming or house-flipping deal. Be careful and make sure you're dealing with someone on the up-and-up if you haven't put the house on the market yourself.

    1. We live out in the country. We were floored and never even THOUGHT about a scam ! Thanks for the heads up!