Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sunday Stealing

Swiped Meme

Stolen from: Love Me Some Surveys

1. Did someone die in that last movie you watched? Yep just now. pushed over the railing!
2. Are the trees pretty colors outside for you now or at all? its AMAZING outside!
Have you ever made a bad first impression on someones parents? ME? nope. I AM that sweetheart you think I am!
4. When's the last time you video recorded something on TV? Years. I have no idea how to do that, nor do i care to.
5. What is a career you wanted to have when you were younger, and still kind of want to have now? Law enforcement. too old. too fat. and pretty content.

6. What are your views on sunflowers? LOVE them. I just bought some yesterday for the living room. 12 for 5.00!!
7. What is your favorite incense or candle scent? Ginger Peach from Pier1
8. Caramel apples or candy apples? Candy
9.  Have you ever walked into a wall? Hahaha I have Vertigo and loss of hearing in one ear, I ALWAYS walk into the walls!
10. Would you ever or do you make your dog wear a bandanna?No, but its cold and they are little and they all have sweatshirts :)
11. Do you find dandelions when they're gone all white pretty? my yard is treated. no dandelions!

12. What makes you laugh? an evening with family and friends.
13. The scariest moment of your life? When I had my first date ... after not dating since 2004, my handsome friend John asked me out... 2014 maybe! First i didn't know WHY he would ask ME out, and he was SO .... sexy! I was called a 'frump' for YEARS and he, overlooked that frumpiness !!!
14. What’s the coolest thing you’ve bought lately? I remarried my first husband and with my house sale money I doubled the size of our bedroom and put on a deck and had the kitchen redone. AWESOME cool!! 
15. What’s the worst you’ve had to do because of losing a bet?  nothing that i recall!


  1. My Grandsons make me laugh all the time.

  2. Little dogs need sweaters and sweats. I'll bet they look adorable. Congrats on the work on the house! Lovely!