Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Well!! Its been forever since I have had an hour to sit down and write. I don't know if I can dedicate an entire hour to sitting without falling asleep, but I am going to give it a shot.

I found an old yearbook while unpacking my stuff, and sat on the floor and started reminiscing. Then I saw a picture of my friend JJ. OH MY GOSH! NOW I KNOW WHO HE WAS IN SCHOOL!! I remember having a CRUSH on him!! I remember my cousin Dawna and I riding our bikes by his house during the summer time. Why, when we pulled into his mom's driveway did it not HIT ME who he was!!!! I bet if I would have looked at that yearbook a few years ago, my outlook would have been TOTALLY different!! Oh my gosh is that funny!!!

OH What A Night...
I like to listen to 106, the 70s and 80s station.
Saturday afternoon I was crusin and Oh What  A Night came on the radio. It was our senior year and a bunch of us went to a bon fire being hosted by some Ursuline guys out at the lake. What a great night it was, which was odd because Chaney girls and Ursuline girls were kind of ... not friends, but there were so many Chaney ppl there that no one was at odds at all. It was about 10 pm and we were all sitting around this huge bon fire and I was sitting next to this C U T E Ursuline guy and we had been talking off and on, and sort of flirting a bit all night long. The night was winding down and I was kind of worried. My driver left with some one and well.... I was the only one , probably on the entire west side that had an 11:30 curfew and was a senior in high school. BUT... I did. So this guy Mark and I were kind of just hanging out at the fire when he leaned in and kissed me. AN URSULINE GUY KISSED ME!!! And, he was pretty easy on the eyes, to say the least. Well, I was kind of afraid to do that ( yeah, imagine that ) because my mom would have accused me of being a tramp and I had to get my ride to get home.. Well, he sensed that I was uncomfortable and backed off a bit. He knew I was freaking out and offered to take me home. He was from the west side and said he should probably head home too. I said yes, and home we went. He kissed me goodnight when he walked me to the door, and the song that was playing I could hear was Oh What a Night. Well, my dad turned the back light on and Mark introduced himself to my dad and asked if he could call me.. I said yes, and figured I'd be belittled once I got in the door. Nope. He was kidding around and told my mom, you little girl was getting a good night kiss at the door. So they asked me about him and I told them where he was from and where he went to school.. My dad knew his dad and my mom graduated from Ursuline so for some reason I wasn't accused of ANYTHING. Well,, Mark called me every night and would come over and we would take a walk around the block and up to the church and we were getting  to become really good friends.  One night on of my classmates called about a test we had coming up and I wasn't home. The next day she asked where I was when she called and I told her I met this kid at a bon fire ....  Well, she too was  dating a Mark and thought we should double date and that it would be fun. My Mark declined and HER Mark declined. As we gossiped about our boy friends, we came to find out, they were the SAME MARK!!!!!!!  Oh boy. Neither of us saw him ever again. I should look on Facebook I never even thought about that. Sort of, that is how my luck went!! Hahahaha... for your enjoyment, Here are some memories of years gone by   ~~~~~~>

Well, I need to hit the sack. I am wiped out. Friday I go to see a neurologist, maybe someome can tell me why I have eyesight sometimes and not others.. Why I cannot walk sometimes, and why, there are minutes to hours where I cannot even see. Answers. I am looking all over for them!!

Enjoy your evening!!

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