Friday, September 18, 2015

As I sat outside on the deck tonight after supper, I was able to take in the last few minutes of summer daylight. Summer and the days, are coming to an end. The beauty of the trees and the bunnies and the deer will be coming to an end soon as they prepare to make their homes for the winter. We will still get occasional 'drifter' deer, so I have to remember to pick up a salt lick when I am out next week. The little ones are running through the creek early in the morning. I m assuming to cross the road into the vast fields and lakes that are back far off the road.

As the sun slowly sets past the trees, the glow of orange is so bright and so peaceful. Casey and Grace chase each other all through the back as Spikey lays with me on his carpet. He goes back to the vet on Monday morning. His lump is growing and he sleeps a lot of the day aaway. He is happy though, if I can 'read ' him right. He is content and loving the new place. He lays in the sun in the early mornings. I have to say, Spikey is my life, and I will do everything I can to make him happy in his senior years. Truly my baby.

Well, I am going to do a Saturday nine and call it a night. Adios my friends...


  1. That's a beautiful prose poem you've written, and Spikey is a very lucky little doggie, M. Have a lovely and peaceful week.

    1. I loved my little boy from the moment they put him in my arms. 9 years later I love him even more. I have gone without for his care. He is like the child I never had 🐾