Monday, September 28, 2015


I have been feeling so stuck lately. I can't drive with this boot, and there are places I want to go and people I want to see! Just a few more days. Ugh.

I missed saturday nine and sunday stealing, I cant get comfortable sitting, standing, missionary position... just thought I would throw that in for shits and giggles.

That is my segway to a RANT.

Do not EVER fucking ask me if I am happy again. I lost the knowledge of Happiness about 11 years ago next month. No one, NO ONE has the right to ask me if I am happy, and then have the fucking nerve to say "TRUTH". My happiness left the day I met you. Funny, after 11 years of bullshit, lies and cheating, I forget what its like to be truly happy. You know what made me happy? When John asked me out. Like, I wasn't that crap that you always referred me to. You know what made me happy? The night he whispered to me "I am SO attracted to you"... to ME, and never talked shit about me. You know what made me happy? The day Louise told me that YOU were the one always calling her son to get in contact with her. I knew you never changed. I was happy on August 1 2010 when it was finally over. When a certain someone took care of me for not so much money to clear me from the IRS. Happy? NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS.

How is Spikey? Truth. WHY, are you wanting to send money to help for his constant care that he is under. Do you think for one minute I would tell you ANYTHING about my baby? Spikey too, is none of your business. Think he looks bad in his pictures? Well, you don't know the half of it, and frankly, you never will.

So, mind you own business. Keep being the great pretender and live and work a lie. There are a few women that have you number. We all keep in contact. We all speak english, which makes it easier to read BS from every angle. Keep playing. Those of us that know you, know you well. Those of us that took your SHIT, and kept our mouths shut, knew what you were about, we were just too humiliated to announce what was being done to us. I regret the day I took you back when you screwed me over with the cell phone. I should have changed my phone number and had a restraining order put out on you and started to live my life then. Maybe , just maybe, I could have gotten a head start on life.

I know that , no matter what, God was leading me where  He wanted me. And obviously, it was not in that joke of a life i shared with you for 2 long minutes. NEVER ask me again, about ANYTHING. I am not playing your game anymore.

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