Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Daytime Blog...

Well, I started this at NOON, but I baked a cake for our small group tonight at church, made some potatoes for dinner tonight, sloppy joes, and with the left over pumpkin from my cake, I made pumpkin and chicken dog food. Slurp... that was gone in a heartbeat! Even the cat liked it. No, Chuckie, the ready made cat for the family.
I love putzing all day in the kitchen, but right about now is when my foot starts throbbing and my back... OUCH! But we have plans tonight, so its time to Woman Up and get dinner on the table. The best thing about my new life, is my ... new life.

I am over my rant...  hahaha, i got a message from a fellow blogger seeing if i needed a Xanax !!! hahahah, never had one, but I have my blog to bitch when needed.

See, it all comes back to ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!!.. When I get frustrated and angry, I blog and block!! My easy "Beezies" .

Well, its time for suppa in the Williams house.
Maybe I can take some time after Bible Study and blog some more. Or , work on my book. Have an excellent evening!!

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