Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh boy, today was exhausting! I woke up one hour from when I set my alarm, WITH my alarm still ringing. My sister called and left a message and Pete mowed  his lawn and I slept through ALL OF IT! I was so tired from hauling boxes and hauling ass the day before  I died when I fell into bed.

I have a feeling tomorrow will be much the same. I have  a noon appointment to get my haircut and my eyebrows done. Then to Sams Club. Then Big Lots for more solar lights. Then to Western Reserve. Hang up all the pictures, wash the new dishes, glasses and silverware. Make the computer room NOT the dump all, but a computer room then back here at 4 to start packing with GG and then my brother and Paul will come again and load THIS computer room in the truck and all the boxes and plants, and fill GG's van with whatever we grab from the walls. Shit. I am beat talking about it! So my day needs to start at 8... maybe I should go online and have everyone call me at 8 am.

We had quite a day with the septic and ... ugh. Could have set us back 5 grand, but my contractor made it all right by 2 pm and reimbursed us all the out of pocket expenses we paid out to 2 other places in the last 3 days. He gets my highest praise for a great contractor. He is  a man of God, and I just know that from the first time I posted for a contractor...not a con man, to Missi's answer, to meeting with Carl, til even today, the Lord placed him in my path. AND he bought my house, to boot!! God is good!!

Big step in my learning God's will again. A very short  , cold NO, was what I needed to stop this crazy shit  I was still 'remembering'. For JJ to be that cold sounding... made me realize that maybe staying in touch via FB, was not a good idea. You will never understand, and  honestly, I don't fully understand, but I can't  'think' about stuff anymore. I vowed to never see my second husband after that fiasco we lived. Now, I realize that I have to work on being a better wife, than remembering JJ stuff. I am sorry I tried to keep it up. I've never been good at that anyway. My life  .... can't be spent thinking "what if" and go forward with "the best is yet to come". Hardest decision ever.

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