Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ten Thought Tuesdays




1.    Day late, dollar short. Story of my life.

2.    One more night then… HOT LANTA

3.    In the past month, 2 of my friends under 50 have passed away. Scary

4.    Sometimes, I miss cuddling. Cold nights … get lonely

5.    Putting Paul’s cat to sleep next week. Finally. That bad boy sprays all over his house. Ugh.

6.    Oh it’s a sin … to tell … a lie, so be sure you are true, when you say I love you, for it’s a sin… to tell… a lie. A song that my mom used to sing. Its been on my mind.

7.    Going to the ATL. I cannot wait! Leaving will be hard, since I don’t know that I will ever see my aunt ann and uncle casey every again.

8.    I love you, you love me… hehehe, who sang that stupid song?

9.    Tomorrow is going to be a busy one. Mani pedi for the kids, pick up Grace’s meds. PT. Shopping with Paul. Packing.

10.Grace grace grace. Just a thought.




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