Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ahhhhhhhh Tuesdays. Today was my first PT in a week. I have to get some supplies to do some of those exercises at home. Seems odd that its getting harder instead of easier. Or, I’m getting less interested in working hard. Six of one, half dozen of another.

            Today after PT, I went back to Sam’s Club to return an item I had no business buying in the first place. (Sometimes I wish I didn’t have that conscience to deal with. I like nice things. Not CRAZY expensive nice, but when you are in my ‘tax bracket’ , even regular nice isn’t affordable. I don’t really even think I’ll ever have money,  but, sometimes I still wish for those years when Paul and I were married. I didn’t have to check my bank account before going into a store. Oh well, off that pity party band wagon.) After Sam’s I went out and got a coffee and was going to head to the park to take pictures, but it started raining like crazy. So I came home. I was glad I did. Nice phone call today, just what I need when I am somber. I made a huge batch of beef stew tonight, I want to stock the freezer for dinners for the dogs. Called and made some changes in my pharmacy, and changes in Grace’s meds. She has to go in next month to get a panel done for her phenobarbital levels. Poor girl. She is going to have to go through this for the rest of her precious life.

            I am so tired tonight. I think I’ll do a meme or 2 then find a beautiful spot with my kids, and call it a night! Its going to be 39 tonight! Nice and breezy and ahhhhhhhhhh. I wish on nights like tonight, I didn’t sleep alone.



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