Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is It Thursday Already

I can hardly believe another week has passed already. I got a text today to see if I wanted to pick up an extra day with John’s mom. I JUMPED on it. I thought I had some major expense to deal with but once again, friends have jumped in to help out. In the past 3 nights I have had the back room flood … 3 times. Dang. So I tried to use my rug scrubber to clean it each day, but the smell has just become too much. My ex was going to pay Stanley Steamer to come and do it, but I told him we should just go with someone cheaper, then have the rug pulled. Well a few of my friends are coming Sunday to tear the carpet out without spending the money to have it scrubbed first. They are going to take that soaked couch to the curb and rip up the carpet, no charge. Then my ex offered to put down nature stone, but I told him that for now, I am just going to leave it a cement slab. I’ll decide next year what to do with it. I saw some really nice outdoor table sets that I am going to maybe put in there and not use it as a ‘family room’ but a summer room.

       He, my ex, surprised me today with 500.00 to help me with July expenses. We spend so much time together anymore, and when we aren’t together we are on the phone. I like it. And I like it that he goes home. Or I go home. No commitments no thoughts about anything. Like hanging with Fabian or Volch. We are going to the Simply Slavic thingie Saturday after I get done watching John’s mom.

       I came home this morning and Grace was on her back having a seizure. Foaming and crying. Spikey…sitting right next to her. My baby.

       I was really surprised this afternoon. My neighbor, who for some reason I have no idea, hasn’t called me in awhile or we haven’t gone for coffee or lunch, called me to tell me that she is expecting a baby! I am so excited for her. I guess she was doing better things. J She is in her 30’s, so I was a little surprised, but I am happy for her, and I sometimes wish I would have …. Nevermind!!

       Well, its getting late, and I’m beat. Have a fantastic weekend!

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