Thursday, April 10, 2014

  • Waiting on my last batch of lemon pound cakes to come out of the oven so I can ship them.
  • Listening to the scanner
  • Washing. Sheets. I want to get them on the line before I go to Grich's 
  • Thinking... How can life be so wonderful and the days go so good, and all I do is see a phone number come on the screen and I remember how to be a bitch. 
  • Grateful, for an amazing job, a sweet loving guy, 3 amazing dogs and my crazy cat. No need to let anyone get to me. 
  • Wondering... how much do I reinvest, I knew this day was coming and I have SO MANY plans, but then... I don't want to be crazy. I want to be smart. Fix the wheel bearings, go to KIA, or go to Subaru. Or reinvest. I remember when my second non existent husband called ME to BORROW money. shit, lying to HIM was the smartest thing I have EVER done!!! 
  • welp... gotta hang the sheets and get rolling...

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