Monday, July 8, 2013

What a week last week was. Computer crashed, now I am using this horrid tablet (glad I didn't give it away), I was sick again, some of my friends called me to tell me that someone is trying to 'friend' people with my account, I had to deal with being laid off, with the "Facebook police", another friend died , and the list goes on!! BUT I am here, and God is good, and being laid off only means I have more time for my biscuits and for the pups, and to study. God IS good.
Paul and I went to the funeral Friday night. It was PACKED with 100's of our old friends. Then we managed to get out at a decent hour and went for fish at The Boulevard.. Thursday we went and saw The Heat. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY show!! Yesterday we were doing our wills and our NEOMED body donor forms over lunch and I said "you haven't even mentioned my haircut'. He said "I hate it, you know I like your hair long". I just started to laugh, the first time I ever got a short haircut is when he and I broke up in 78. He loved my hair and I was SO PISSED at him that I had it all cut off. Now, I don't give a rat's arse what anyone thinks. Its short, I wash and go, and I love it. But I said to him "Its like we never ended". He said "is that a bad thing?". Yep, we are spending too much time together!!! hahahaha. We went shopping at wally world in salem after that then I went home. The best part of this is he has his place, I have mine, neither of us wants anymore than the other and I have another friend.
Today is busy, too busy.. Grace has to have her eye rechecked in a couple of hours, I have to have my blood checked for God knows WHAT at the Red Cross, I have a business meeting, I have to take my screen door back AGAIN, and dinner with my Bffs. Tomorrow I am going to work in the yard a bit and finish my project, then the back will be finished for this year. I do want a new table and chairs but I think I am going to wait til the end of the season and see if I can get a layaway at one of the garden centers. Sometime between now and Weds I have to get a new computer. And my bed. I am downsizing from King to Queen because of Spikey and rearranging issues. I ordered a new bed and mattresses, and a 30% box spring. Its smaller so that Spikey can jump up on the bed. ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for a mattress and box spring. GADS. I did price them all over town, and the cheaper ones were ickier. I want FIRM, no therapeutic, or whatever its called... spent a year in one of those beds one night, NEVER again. So, I am going to make one more stop in my craziness today and check out their prices, but I'm probably going to go with this one. I am sure in 10 years, it'll still be good. I think I am going to buy Paul one too. He's been having back trouble and needs one.... early Christmas gift.
Well, I need to start my day. Have a great one!!


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    1. UR PA CONNECTIONJuly 9, 2013 at 9:35 AM

      whats fucked man, is you leaving yet another wife, a good one this time, to play far away where you wouldnt be caught. so fuck you todd