Monday, July 8, 2013

what up monday.....

  • I don't like 'what up', by the way.
  • Do you know that a carton of Marlboro cigs are 58 bucks? Holy Crapperino! How do people afford THAT?
  • Do you know that some stores in the area charge 100 bills to deliver less than 3 miles from the store, EVEN if you are paying CASH and EVEN if it means they lose a sale.
  • Do you know that I now have a Financial Planner? My sister has had one since she was 25!! Took me til I was 55! dang, I'm a slow learner!
  • Do you know if you try and impersonate a person on facebook and they find out because of it being reported you can be charged with identity theft? AND tried as a felon?
  • Do you know that in 2005 it cost me 17.oo to fill my gas tank. Today I spent 36.oo
  • Do you know that a cherry eye operation on a dog's eyes has no guarantees. It usually reappears!
  • Do you know that no matter how many times you think you have found your soul mate, you only find him/her once? There is only one true love, the rest are just 'fill in the blanks'.
  • Do you know that no matter what... life goes on
Just a little 'food for thought'. 

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