Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Monday

  • what a crap ass wake up call I had yesterday. I called an old friend of mine to come and pull out most all of my bushes. when they got here, he asked me 'who the hell ruined your yard'... referring to the mulch. I said "um... that cost me over 500.!" well, he started pulling TRASH BAGS out from under the paper mache  type mulch. He said 'this is gas station ''mulch'' and these are dollar general bags'. So him and his friend pulled out all the trash bags and are coming back this week with good mulch, tarp and a few other things. They are not going to charge me anything to clean up this mess. Its funny, he's the one that cleaned up that prick Chris' mess, Dominic's mess and now my hippie's mess. All free. Needless to say, my hippie is DONE.
  • Sold my Buffett ticket to Sheila's boyfriend. I have a couple of issues. The biggest one is having to go to  the bathroom and using a port a potty. Isn't happening. And drinking. I don't want to be around all of my family and friends while they are half crocked. I'm over it, and well... I'm just over it.
  • I'm so ready for the house to be done, the furniture changed and move it on. EVERYTHING is in the living room and kitchen and its on my last nerve. OK, next to last, I'm still tolerating it fairly well. FAIRLY well.
  • Thought I was escaping for a couple of days, but its back to the Red Cross for more blood work. GAWD I want this to be done too. Just figure out the problem already so I can deal with it!! smh
  • Next week we leave after class on Friday. I'm lovin Jacob being retired!! Now we can just play and enjoy life. Ok, I'M not retired, but I pretend to be 4 days a week ;)
  • Well, I have to hit it. Blood work at 1 and my FINANCIAL PLANNER ( I love saying that) at 230.
  • Homework... tonight

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