Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday....

Better day today than yesterday. I'm through being angry at the lawn ass, OK almost done. I have decided to shift my thoughts on the wedding in Whittier!!! I'm only going to be able to stay the weekend, but I can't wait to spend day 2 with my CA friends. Flying solo and planning on having a great time at the wedding and meeting up with some friends from OC and LA! Then I have to go to the airport and fly home, but it'll be a great 2 days !!! Can't decide if dinner should be at Pizza Cookery or  ... never mind. PC all the way.
Next weekend I'll be driving down to Columbus for my 'grandson's' birthday. Well, riding. My ex and Brenden and I are going down for the night. Weird, to say the least. I have decided to get my own room at the hotel. I don't really and truly want anything to happen between us, so I'm playing it safe. It'll be nice to relax after the party and maybe all of us go out to dinner then just go back to the hotel and swim!
I should be doing homework. I'm so not into it tonight. I kept thinking I don't have class til 2 tomorrow, but I forgot I have a breakfast birthday date with Bri tomorrow. Oh well we should be done by 11. I'll just cram.
Ten Thought Tuesday
  1. No school today, but I am on the Advisory Board and we had a meeting tonight. Like going to work when you don't have too!!!
  2. Spikey's test results should be in tomorrow. I've been crazy since Friday
  3. Say it ain't true... 76 is going to be the HIGH on Saturday. I was going to SWIM this weekend.
  4. Should I get new floors or stop spending. I have the ability to get them NOW and may not after I start investing. What to do what to do. Thinking about calling Empire Today. My former landlord just did their house with them. AND I know all the 'tricks'!!
  5. Casey was a non barker before she joined the Frichtel Family. my how things have changed in the last couple of months
  6. Decided on a Fall party this year. Everything will be done and beautiful by then. I adore fall.
  8. I SO MISS my job. Can't wait til September when I start back again.
  9. Unemployment BLOWS but, its only a month.
  10. Feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget my ... feelings of love!

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  1. can we please call a truce......... i hate not being able to talk with you. i told you i get jealous thinking another man is in your heart. even though i have had other women since you, i still feel you are MINE. i am sorry to be such a dick. it is hard for me to let go. i do not want to let go. i still think one day we will be US again... i am an ass but i still think it. PLEASE PLEASE SEE ME when you are in town