Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Fofofarkinmayer

today was so wonderful. took Casey to the vets to have her cherry eye fixed, then breakfast with my brother in law, sis niece and brother. Oh we had a riot!!! So many people out at 8 am on a friday morning. Panera was packed!
then i went and picked up my new 'slimline' dehumidifier for the  upstairs and did some cleaning. later I picked up Case and now we are all relaxing while Brenden is painting mom's room. I think I am going to order a pizza later. tomorrow a few of us are going to lunch at the westmiddlesex diner. lots of pics will be posted, but probably just on facebook. I am excited to go. I have such a great group of friends from  school. it'll be a great day.
Well, I think I'll watch some TV til B leaves...

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