Friday, June 28, 2013

Dutiful and Dependable
Gemini Daily Horoscope
You may be feeling responsible today as you find yourself taking your duties and obligations more seriously. In fulfilling your professional or primary commitments, you may notice a positive feeling of being dependable. Perhaps as a child you had defined the role of the ideal adult in your subconscious. Though many of us still identify with our inner child and reject the idea of being a “grown up,” today you may feel that you’ve stepped into that role. The feeling of pride that comes with it might have you standing up straighter, with your shoulders back and your head up, ready to meet the world head-on with a confident smile.

When we commit ourselves to any goal, we invite the universe’s support. In the moment of decision, unseen forces fall into line to create it. This is why indecision keeps us from moving forward, because we have given the universe no direction. The universe will only say “yes” to our choices, so if our decisions repeatedly change directions, the energy behind us scatters and dissipates. The ability to respond efficiently and effectively to situations surrounding our duties makes us dependable people. When we can focus, we feel solid rather than scattered, and all of our energy is anchored in our center. From that place, we can move with the flow, yet not be uprooted. When we tap into that energy today, we harness the power of the universe to accomplish our important tasks.

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