Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten Thought Tuesdays

  1. I wonder what ever is the outcome of some of these meetings I have to attend for class. Some of them make me SNORE, but I have to go to them for the credit. Seems to me its the teachers sending us off so they don't have to teach. They are never at them!! Just pondering.
  2. Who would ever believe that I am still under investigation with the IRS. I'm so tired of dealing with all of this. AND I walk on eggshells with my business too. I guess that's not a bad thing. I never want to be in trouble. They don't take kindly to poor folk!
  3. I started following this 'Addy'. What a creepy guy. I have decided that I would rather not do the 'Saturday 9' or 'Sunday Stealing' than follow him. I realized this weekend that there is an alternative. 
  4. Did you ever get overwhelmed with sadness? I have had a bit over the past 2 weeks. Tomorrow I GET OVER IT. 
5. My Spikey is getting old. His face is getting so gray and when he runs, he has such a hard time keeping up with Miss Grace. Last night he laid his head on my pillow with me. I prayed that God would give him strength again. (usually Spikey sleeps on the 'husband pillow')
6. Its getting to be time to get my 'stuff' checked again. My most scary visits are to the 'groin-o-cologist'!!
7. I LOVED having my rental car last week, but me and the kids really do love our PAID OFF old car. I have to give accolades to Preston, new brakes and pads, new oil somethings and all new somethings that have to do with the fuses, free of charge. I did get told that I need 2 new wheels. THAT doesn't sound good.
8. I have been on the phone 4 times tonight with the CA Franchise Board. smh I think they want me to do some 'throwing under the bus'...sorrry, aint gonna happen.
9. I have to write a will for Law tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHA. that'll be simple!
10 . I guess I better get to the will writing so I can get into bed.


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