Monday, October 22, 2012

I finally think I am coming down from that awesome weekend. I am so ready to hit the floor running with my business. I have never really had someone that 'allowed me' to be successful. When I attempted to go back to school after Paul and I were married, it was impossible because I was a 'mom' to so many kids with such busy schedules and life was over whelming!
  I attempted to go back to school after a few years being divorced and I couldn't get any financial aid. Made too much money. Then I tried again and the new 'boyfriend' (0-o) accused me of wanting to pick up young guys...oh the irony. I tried again when I moved to CA and was met with not such a great response.   School is empowering and I am not sure if its intimidating, as well. But now, I am in my second term starting my third term in 4 weeks and it feels fantastic. I got my schedule for next term and I have two classes that start at 1!!! 1-6 no getting up at 5! I have Payroll, Keyboarding and WebDesign. Isn't that exciting???
 I am supposed to work tomorrow night. I hope he can find someone else to do it. I would love to not have to run straight to work after this meeting tomorrow morning.
 Divorce is horrible, watching my family member go through it is hard. I know its all for the best. I know so much more than most do, and all I can say is good riddance. Sometimes a spouse is more of a burden than they are worth. I predict by Christmas, no one will ever even remember that piece of work.
  I am thinking of a long weekend trip to the big apple. I  have been doing some research on going via bus, and I think if I can come up with the cash, I may go. I think it would be a great trip. And...maybe I could get 'lost' there!!! Nah, I couldn't live without my babies.
  Ok, this day has been a long one. callin it a night.

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