Monday, September 3, 2012

~ Monday Song of the Day ~ Jackson Browne The Pretender

WAY BACK in 'the day' there was this rebel girl who only wore Levis and flannel shirts with thermals underneath on the cold winter days at YSU. She was an odd one. She carried a cassette player in her backpack and walked around with headphones on. All over the campus she would roam and in her ears she blasted Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Terrible Ted, Phoebe Snow, Nicolette Larson, AC/DC, JIMMY BUFFETT, Jim Croce and a million other singers. She sang out-loud and didn't give a rats arse who heard her. That...was me. My song du jour is from Jackson Browne.


  1. Mair -

    I see your Penguins won this weekend. You were a rebel girl? It would have been fun to see you in those days.

    Must be something about Jims, I like Jim Croce also.


  2. YES THEY DID!!! almost went to the game too, now I wish I would have. I was a rebel, still am but I try to bury it ... trying to be that respectable adult, but sometimes I slip!!!

    I love Jim Croce, but YOU don't like Kenny!!!!


  3. I like Kenny, you said you went to sleep with him and I felt like he would prefer you over me.

    Why be a respectable adult? It can be fun to let your self go and stretch your mental ideas and desires. I know I do.

    1. I m so glad to hear you like Kenny. And, that you didn't want to sleep with him!!!

      I have 4 nieces to be respectable for!!! I have huge issues with letting them down. For a couple more years anyhow!!

  4. There are somethings you are allowed not to tell them. I promise not to tell them about Harley Davidsons.