Saturday, September 15, 2012

5 Happy Thoughts Amid A Myirad of Thoughts

  1. I have been MIA for awhile and I just want to say thank you to Jim who, somehow got my number, and texted me to see if I was alright. You are so sweet and I thank you for that. I must admit, your text threw me!! But I thank you.
  2. This week has been insane. I have so much homework, and I have been investing in some things for my business, and I broke in that new credit card and spent 300 on totally  yep, I have a real website now, but dont bother going to it because really, there is nothing there. I do have a domain and a web site, but nothing much is going to be done until I finish my 'to-do' list.
  3. Today I was on the radio for over an hour getting educated on how to start my business. How to use the IRS website and how to use the State Employee website (i will be my own and only employee...for now) and there was so much, I was so nervous at first, but it was a breeze! PLUS, I have a 'face for radio'!!!! I'll be a guest in a couple of weeks too , after I get everything set up and my ID numbers, TAX numbers and all the other things on the list.
  4. I started out at 6 am almost every day this week. The days I didn't have school, I had breakfast plans, and tomorrow I have to be at work at 7 then back to school monday. I'll be working AND going to school AND doing cheesecakes, a birthday cake and biscuits all week. PLUS , missing Labor Day for school, we have a make up day this Saturday. Looks like I won't be sleeping past 6 for a long while. But, its feeling amazingly good right now.
  5. Spikey and Grace got their nails trimmed at 830 today and I never stopped after that. Came home and was going to crash then ma asked me to take her to church, so we went then picked up some icecream (for her... im workin on this diet) and now I am ready to drop. I am waiting on ONE load from the drier then I am going to bed. Hopefully by 8 tonight. What a buzzkill huh? THIS was kind of a big problem with my second marriage. I got up at 3 for work, and he didn't work til 9 or whenever he felt like going in, so while I am sleeping he is bored...great marriage killer when the husband is bored!
  6. My effin car STILL isn't running right. 1400.00 and NOW I have no clock, no radio, no air conditioning. They changed the fuse and still....nada. idk what is wrong, but I am just going to have to sing to myself while I am driving. I am TAPPED.
  7. Both my Kenmore AND my Kirby sweepers died the same day, the same weekend. DANG. The Kirby exploded!!! wth? And the Kenmore is smoking. Like I am going to start doing. When it rains it pours I tell ya.
  8. I am totally fried. I'd love to blog some more, but I have to dry my hair and empty the drier and go to bed.
  9. Have a great Sunday. xo


  1. Your number is listed on your business card posted on you other blog. :)

    1. Ohhhhhhhhh, duh!! Its ok, it made me feel missed anyway!