Saturday, September 22, 2012

5 Happy Things Everyday

  1.  As I was exhaustedly heading to bed around 11 tonight,  I received 3 biscuit orders for tomorrow. I should be in bed by 4. I do love getting those orders!!
  2. I am so happy we have the police we do here in Boardman. As I was rolling out dough tonight, around 130, I heard someone jiggle my neighbor Pete's back door and Spikey and Grace were at the back fence going CRAZY! I called the police and we JUST hung up and they were at the top of the street. I got an email tonight that the guy that was breaking into cars in our development struck again this past weekend. After running a DNA test (hmmmm wonder who supplied the soda bottle for THAT to happen...) they found he was just released from prison at the end of July. Prison for rape and attempted murder. Doors locked at sundown. I miss Mayberry, as Rascal Flatts would sing. 
  3. Friday morning breakfasts with my sis are so wonderful. We meet at 730 every Friday and enjoy an hour or 2 just shooting the breeze, and a TWEE BIT of gossip here and there!!
  4. Ok, Pumpkin biscuits are coming out, time for the banana and I'm going to shower while they are baking. I have to leave the  house by 9 am for deliveries!!
  5. After I am through, I am going to get my haircut. Like this:

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  1. Good morning Mair -

    Just a quick check in everything is okay here. Project is busy as we ramp up to the outage. I will be working all weekend but see your business is starting and developing. I hope one day I can say I knew here when she started this corporation.