Friday, August 30, 2019



Finding Happiness When You Don’t Feel Happy… But YOU CAN DO IT!

It happens, every day. We get up, we do our routine and then we strive to be happy in this world full of unhappiness. It’s something we long for, but sometimes, seldom find. Some try and find happiness in relationships, even if we know they are dead end relationships. We keep trying that road. Some find it in going to places we KNOW, but don’t want to admit, are places we shouldn’t go. Maybe tonight I’ll leave feeling happy. There are many ways we search, but end up that it is only momentary.
What would make YOU happy, if only for a time? A dream vacation? Sun. Sand. Water. Oh yes. But here comes reality. I’ll never afford that, then bang. The happiness is shot down. A new location might just do it! But if you are taking that same old you with you, you are going to still be searching. A new car? Making more money? A new wardrobe. Sometimes those things give you momentary happiness, but now you have a car payment, have to work more hours and you have to pay off those clothes.
Happiness is not found in things, and sadly there are some that don’t have family to be with. Some don’t have friends that they truly trust. Some just don’t think they have the ability to know happiness if it were right in front of them. Hint, you can’t find it in and ‘thing’ or even any ‘body’. We face heartbreaking things every day. All of us. Loss of loved one is one of the hardest. Loss of a job, or we can’t afford to move to a better neighborhood. Bullying. And the NEWS. Ugh. News can depress you from the time you put your radio on!! But…
Find it within. Really. You thing you can’t. You don’t feel pretty, or skinny, or have money, or anything. But don’t dwell on things you THINK others may think, dwell on you. Maybe get an old note book, and write ONE positive thing about yourself. I’m sure there are hundreds, but if you take the time to think, you’ll think harder.
SLOW DOWN. Some people think in race mode constantly. Take 3 little minutes of your day and sit down, close your eyes and breathe. When you find your mind wandering, stop, and think about your breathing.  Try one new thing today. Watch a YouTube video of babies laughing. But my favorite thing, do something to make someone else happy. So you don’t have much money, but when you go to the store, buy one small thing for your neighbor! Bake a loaf of bread for someone that could just use a visit. Pick some flowers, and give them to a friend or coworker, just because. Do one positive thing every day for someone else. Send a text. Give a hug for no reason. Sure you are doing something for someone else, but in doing that you are bringing happiness to your own life through them. I just bought 2 Bread Baking for Beginners. One for myself and one for my sister. Now we can feed ourselves, and feed our souls.

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