Friday, March 18, 2016

Thursday 13

Thursday 13 ... on a Friday morning.

  1. I said to myself, bed by 9. 10. 12. 2... I better hurry if I want to make the 2 on time
  2. Making banana breads for breakfast at church on Easter morn. So, i decided to do a few tonight. Paul and Spikey went to their room ;) Grace was asleep on the couch, and Casey was in my bed. So... I cleaned the kitchen, changed the tablecloth, scrubbed the floor and the cabinets, and moved to the living room.  Cleaned the tables, folded the 2000 blankets we have to have on the couches, cleaned up the odds and ends and it looked beautiful. Then Spikey comes out, jumps on the couch and changes the rules !!! 
  3. Its like having children! 
  4. Grace had a seizure tonight. A pretty long one. So, after she calmed down, I gave her her phenobarbital. When she gets her medicine, i put it in creamed cheese and give the other 2 some cc as well. Well, Grace carried hers over to the carpet, dropped it on the floor, came back for another bit, and while she dropped hers, Spikey ate it. He will sleep like a baby tonight!! 
  5. ordered some new clothes last week. New jeans, new tops, socks, panties, bras, the whole 9 yards. I am tired of Levis and Harley garb. New me!! 
  6. So my friend JJ was over the other night. Don't ask. But he says to Paul... You have a good woman here, if you were smart, you wouldn't let her get away again. WOW. It took me a minute to gain my composure. I am glad he is seeing someone now,  I want to see him  happy. That man made me the happiest I ever was in my life. Now he has someone to make him happy. 
  7. Yes, i am a bit jealous, but ... 
  8. Next WEEKEND!! Bri gets home, She is home Friday dinner, Saturday night family movie night to go and see MBFGW 2!!! Then Sunday we have dinner then, Bri flies home, and She goes back to school. Whirlwind ... but dang I miss them so much. 
  9. I am battling a little depression this week. So pissed that its going to get crappy out again. I wake up each morning and sit on the deck and watch the geese. We have 4 that play in our creek, and parade in front of the pups!! Cute. 
  10. Tomorrow my new sheets arrive!! I am on a quest to find the perfect sheets. I had a set, got rid of my king size bed and gave them to my niece. Then I bought the same ones in Q. Loved them, hated the Queen size. Gave the bedroom set and the sheets to another niece. Bought another K. The company doesn't carry those sheets anymore. Talk about 'my luck'. 
  11. I have been worried about my ex husband. Every once in awhile he makes contact. Sends an email or message, but lately nothing. I   don't want to make the first move, I want to pretend to be the one that doesn't care!! 
  12. Sometimes, I miss that life we had.  I miss his mom and his ex step dad and ... stuff.
  13. Welp we are at               13. and its 212. Maybe one fast game of spider solitaire. 

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