Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday 13

13 Of Them… Thoughts That Is

1)   Today was so bittersweet. Brenden left for FL. I cried for an hour then realized I could walk naked around the house all time now!! ;)
2)   Went upstairs to just look around for things we can use down here, but I think I found some stuff to sell. In the  ‘secret room’ there are 2  tvs, a big ass record player (remember the ones in a console), lots of end tables, an entertainment center and a bookshelf, which I will paint and put in the kitchen.
3)   Just look at them….

4)   Paul comes home Saturday. Another night of quiet before I have to put on my maids uniform J
5)   The snow is going to totally miss us. Poop.
6)   Went to get my car washed at Sheetz where it is totally affordable…closed. PooP
7)   OMGosh its 9pm. I better  hurry UP if I want to watch some TV before bed!
8)   Thinking about a low profile box spring for my bed. Spikey can’t get up without help, Paul can’t get up without help… well, maybe not. Hahahahaha.
9)   I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about getting a part time job again. I was thinking about a couple of plans I would like to see come to fruition, and I THINK I could be of help.
10)                     I see Pittsburgh is logging into my blog again. Oh craparola. I foresee some turbulence.
11)                     Oddly… I have been dreaming about my former mom in law a lot lately. Odd huh. I woke up crying the other morning. When we moved back to Ohio, she gave me a blinged out keychain. It was a heart, and on that keychain was a key to her house. She said “No matter what happens, you are always welcome to our home.” I dreamt that I lost it. She doesn’t even live there anymore, but I felt like I lost her. Well, I did in reality, but it still felt horrible.
12)                     I miss my nieces. 2 live a distance, one works constantly and one kicked me out of her life. L
13)                     I miss my mom and dad. Lately, too much. See, Paul is in the same rehab where my dad had been 5 or 6 times for his back, and where my mom tried to hang herself. In fact, Paul was in the same room. I asked for a new room and they obliged. Reliving those old memories are disheartening…  

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