Saturday, January 2, 2016

Thinking about...

  • Family, and the pain that quite a few are enduring now. 
  • A divorce, that makes me horribly sad. Although I shouldn't care, I hate divorce. 
  • Cancer. 
  • Salvation. Did my ex really mean it when he asked The Lord into his heart.
  • Death. Dang its knocking at so many of  my family's door.
  • Panera. Family. Friends. Laughter. Love
  • That box I havent  opened. Came in the mail. No, it was in the mailbox. Glitter and DUCT TAPED!
  • Loving support from the most unlikely characters.
  • I wish I had my mom with me 

  • note: if you received anything about me from a friend, i apologize. he meant well, but its my party, to invite who I want...

  • Law and Order is calling my name. 


  1. I'm curious about the sparkly-duct tape box!

    1. I finally opened it, well, my grandson did, and there was that little packet of 'gel' or drying stuff and thats it. Odd.