Saturday, January 2, 2016


  • life gets too big
  • lives get too broken
  • you hurt people and you don't even know it
  • people hurt you and they don't even know it
  • family breaks apart
  • hearts tumble
  • decisions are wrong
  • laughter is right
  • memories get you through rough times
  • you say the right things
  • you do the right things
  • you say the wrong thing
  • never DO the wrong thing
  • when you kill your child you should take the blame
  • kids imitate their parents
  • life gets too big....really big
  • we just thank God for where we are
  • and thank Him for what we know wasn't a good situation
  • we look back and think we must have been crazy
  • but we had fun
  • you wish you ...
  • you are just content
  • life gets too big

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