Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Life, The Good, The Bad and the Painful.

Lost a truly beautiful friend this past week. George Bellino. George and I started at Tippi about the same time. He LOVED to come in the kitchen and harass everyone. In 79 I wore ONLY tight jeans and Rock Tshirts. Back then I had the figure… Once he discovered there was a baker in the kitchen, EVERY DAY he would come in for a cinnamon roll, or pecan roll whichever I was making that day. He would have me slice it in half and grill it. Every day. EVERY DAY. BUT… every holiday I would get a little something from him. Valentine’s Day it was roses from him and Mary Ann ( his wife, I also sent rolls home with him J ). Every Easter, she baked me kolachi and cheese pockets, had a basket and Gorants candy. Every Christmas, they remembered me in a BIG way.     He would also say “FRICHTEL, When you grow UP, IF YOU GROW UP, and get invited to the White House, how are you going to cover that God damned ta2 and WHAT are you going to wear…not THOSE jeans, or shirt! Once our night time dishwasher quit, so I filled in until they could replace  him. George knew that, he was the golf pro, so being at the club from open to close was like a social affair to him. Every morning he came in and said “You look like shit. Did you shower after washing dishes last night”!!    

A couple of months ago we went to 5guys for a burger. I walk in the door and hear “Frichtel, goddammit, do you ever do anything but EAT… DID YOU BRING Mair and I anything”!! There were  4 people there that I knew and they were busting out laughing. George you old coot, I will never ever forget you. I love you old man!!

Today was a freakin fiasco. Had a dog groomers appt at 830. So I go into Boartman and totally forget where I am going. I pull into the vets, get the dogs out, walk in and the girl says, I didn’t see that you had an appointment. SHIT. I don’t. I pile the pooches in the car and  head a mile down So Blvd and pull into the groomers. Well, Kim isn’t there!  So at 840 I texted her and said “did  I miss something? Is this the wrong day”… omg she says. I TOTALLY FORGOT! I am at Tarjay, I’ll be right there. Glad I’m not the only one.

Pick Paul up to take him to get his stitches out, run in the house, take the dogs in, get him down the steps and into the car … run back up to the kitchen to give Grace her pill and BAM, I hit the top of the step and kiss the door. Second time this week! Paul unwedged the top something on the kitchen floor with his walker and while waiting for Empire to come and repair it, I without missing a beat,  hit that piece of wood, it jams in my jeans and the dogs look at me while I am laying on the landing. Ugh…

Stitch removal successful. 28 in each leg. On the way home I have to make stops…which he LOVES, sitting in my smooshy car. We are on our street and he says ‘lets get Arthur Treachers for dinner.’ WHAT ? NOOOOOOOO  I am not driving to hell hole Austintown for fish.  So… I drive and get fish. Puke.

I told him tonight that he is going to start eating like I do. Clean and SMALL portions. He agreed because he is too tired after dinner. He ate the entire order of AT, minus the chicken, which I fed the dogs and the hushpuppies which I fed the birds. Guess what he is doing now??? SNORING! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Well, I am going to go get a spot on the couch and slide the clicker out of his hand and watch some Blue Bloods.

Have an amazing night. 

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