Friday, January 22, 2016

Just Your Average Friday

I have been trying to get the house set up for when Paul gets home from the hospital. The room is ready, I went and BOUGHT a box spring, low profile and I went to go upstairs and get the mattress and frame and BOOM...6 steps up and  down I came. So, tonight I'll be nursing my knee. Maybe it is time for MY replacement. He seems to be doing so good, it was a week yesterday and he is walking without any assistance. I am so proud of  him.  Its funny , people ask  us, "Oh how long have you been married"... um well, 24 years the first time, and 7 months this time!!   Guess everyone gets a chuckle out of that, but so many people I have talked to, eventually end up with their first spouse!

I was talking to JJ when I went to pick up the stool, and said that it took me 5 years to date after...well, my life was ripped from under me, and now its weird being married to my ex. I know that J and I would have made it, if the circumstances were right, but the Lord made sure they weren't. And here we are. 

Seems like just yesterday I was in CA, and now, life has totally changed. I wish HE could have been the right kind of man. I loved CA. Looks like our sights  are set on the Carolina's, or Ft Meyers area. AREA, I don't want to be totally in the family and everyone is there now! I think I am going to wait and see where Briana and Josh end up. I kinda love my nieces, and if 3 of them are still here... I think we can pony up tickets to Australia every few years! I hear my Bri got a huge promotion with The Heat!! That's my girl. Who could resist a girl with THAT smile!! Top ticket sales AGAIN this quarter :)    

Well, its time to find a Blue Bloods to watch. Its my last night with control of the clicker so I am going to take advantage of THAT!!

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