Thursday, January 7, 2016

I remember thinking as I was making dinner... I havent blogged in a bit. I really am not in the mood, but I do like Ten Thought  Tuesdays... So at 1 am I thought I would do it, but... its Thursday!! I dont think I have ten thoughts tonight let alone 13 On Thursday, but I'll give the 13 a shot and see what happens.


  1. Makes me think of ThirteenThirty... WHOT
  2. I have severed ties with my niece. If you know me, you can only imagine how bad its killing me, but what she is doing is killing me, and a few others along the way.
  3. Tomorrow, well, technically today, my brother in law is coming in. We are going to be going to Salvatores over in Atown. Never been there before. I'll let you know. 
  4. I had a test done last week, and they called me back to do it over. That was my fear, and to tell you I am  scared, is an understatement. I am going to schedule the redo next week, when Paul is in the hospital for his knees. I don't want him to know they called me back. We have been dealing with a lot from my last biopsy.  So, he doesn't need to deal with this, too. 
  5. I'm telling you , 13 is going to be impossible.
  6. Started my 21 day clean eating the other day. 100 oz of water is required, 16 oz upon waking. My bathroom is my best friend these days. 
  7. Talk is, my toe is probably going to be amputated. Living on antibiotics is NOT healing the infection, and I told him yesterday morning that I was coming off of them. He said I would most likely lose my toe then. So be it.
  8. I bet JJ is relieved he didn't get stuck with THIS  prize!!
  9. I have a cleaning person lined up to come in on the Saturday tha t Paul is in the hospital. If I could get into my ING/Capitol One account, I'd like to take out a couple hundred bucks and have a painter come in and do the rest of the front of the house, and someone to come in and pull up the carpet. That would be a nice surprise for him. I have a clamp on THAT  account though. Dang!
  10. Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies... 
  11. My ex doesn't come here  anymore. I think that is best for both of us.
  12.  I better stop reminiscing. When I reminisce about anyone, I dream of them all night. 
  13. I guess any dreams are better than this fucking nightmare I am living with my niece.

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