Monday, January 25, 2016

Greatest Invention Since... Margaritas !

Yep  Its a RAZOR.
No, you cannot and will not find it at  Tarjay or Wallyworld.
This is not for you bearded hunks, its for those of us that shave, and those of us that SHAVE where you men don't dare to tread... well, some do :)

I started buying from this Dollar Shave Club. It costs me a little less than 10 bucks a month ... I have that six bladed blade, for extra CLOSE without getting knicked somewhere I really don't want to have hurt.

Now I used to know how to do a 'click HERE' and it would take you there...but I am just going to  post this ... ( and hope that you might enjoy the cool products they have. Shave butter... oh yeah! And its nice to change my blade every week...and not  have to worry about 'being in an accident and having the ER workers discover a forest ANYWHERE' know those dirty underwear threats!! Well, there is that self proclaimed hairy leg and hoohaw area... :)

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