Tuesday, December 29, 2015



  1. My 'sick' doesn't seem to be getting any better. I have a HUGE appt. tomorrow at 9 am. Lets pray that something drastic happens today
  2. Sick, seems to make me sad. I miss my parents so much  today.
  3. Sometimes, I believe ppl and honestly, get burned badly.
  4. I will never stop believing that God has a bigger and better plan for my life.
  5. I was reminiscing about Christmas Eve in CA ... we did have fun on Rodeo Drive every year. Johnny Rockets and fake rich shopping!!
  6. One  of my sweet friends from CA and I have birthdays on the same day. She offered to pay one way on a ticket for me to go out in June! I am sad that at this point, I cannot give her an answer. 
  7. We really never know about tomorrow. I wish I could go back and 'right' all my 'wrongs'. 
  8. I have met some             really super people in the last month. Supportive, happy, loving ppl. 
  9. I hope one day someone says that about me  ^^^ . 
  10. Time to go back to bed. I guess the boys are going to have to get d inner on their own tonight. 


  1. Oh, Mair, here's to better tomorrows for you, really healthy and joyful ones.