Sunday, November 15, 2015

They're Moving The Money

I watch. I listen. I read. I hear. I just don't always understand. 
1. If you marry someone from a different country, you can be paid upwards of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS? Why marry for love when you  can marry for a payday!!
2. There are people that CANNOT tell the truth to anyone? Ever? They are mentally unable to be truthful or honest !
3. Compassion. Some days I can't find any. I hate that about myself.
4. Do any plans ever pan out as we hope, ever?
5. Spending too much time with doctors is not good for a person. 
6. I have a curse attached to my former name. Why can't HIS enemies leave me be ... 
7. Saying goodbye is never easy, and never gets easier. 
8. Eight. Done.

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