Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ten Thought Tuesdays

  1. I am excited for Friday the 13th! There is a movie I have been waiting to see... Love the Coopers. Then, dinner at Longhorn. :)   I need this, badly. 
  2. Rain rain rain. Yesterday we sealed the deck again. Man that is a pain in the dupa, but that is too big of an investment to lose. 
  3. I am beyond pissed at the contractor. Actually I  don't know who I am pissed at because its not like the contractor DOES any of the work...but there are 5 big splits in the deck, and one huge splinter. We have sealed it twice. Who do i complain to. I found a paper where his estimate from the room/deck was only going to be 13k. Why did I end up paying 20k? The estimate was written with a 20 x 20 deck, too. My sister and husband talked me into a 10 x 14 ... grrrrr and I ended up with a final tally of 20k? I hate contractors of ANY kind. 
  4. I have to go back to the neurologist today. Him and Dr Rich read my MRI and my CT scan. Wonder what this is about. Unless you are family, I won't be sharing, but I am worried. I fainted outside of GE the other day. Thankfully someone just sat with me and didnt make a huge 911 ordeal. 
  5. I had to make an Ethical Will in my Laws and Contracts class. I found it today and emailed it to the girls. I had it buried so far in my stupid email files no one would have ever found it to give to them. I'll post it at the bottom. **
  6. Found a picture today of my great nephew from a few years back. Man, I am SO BLESSED ... 
  7. Here he is now. Dang, his dad has put him and my neice through hell this past year. He walked away from them and  hasn't looked back. To be honest, he doesn't NEED his dad in his life. Anyone that walks away from children, doesn't even deserved to be called 'dad' or 'mom'. Life is taking a toll on Zailin, but Candyce is on strong woman. She can and will be both parents. Plus, my brother takes him all the time and hopefully, his heart will heal. I doubt it though. Parents leaving changes kids lives for ever...   
  8. Four more months and the floor debt will be paid off!! THEN , time for a vaca and a car. I decided the one I m going to get. A Chevy Trax. I had a Chevy Tracker for years and now I want this...
  9. Small, but still roomy enough for the 'kids'. PLUS GM discount. 
  10. Just got a text from Briana. " Only a few more weeks then we will be together for Thanksgiving"! Nieces, I wouldn't trade any one of them for a bazillion bucks. 

Mary V Frichtel
My Ethical Will
May 11, 2012
Dear Candyce, Ashlie, Bri and Sheila,
            “Take Everything You’ve Learned- all the crazy experiences, lessons, all the joys all the heartaches- the births and the deaths, the laughter and the tears- Put them in a box and label it “Thank You”
          To My Candyce- My first of 4 beautiful blessings. You are the love of my life and the joy of my soul. You are pure and loving and ever trusting. As I watched you grow you were just like me. Emotional, taking everything to heart. You love you sister like your very best friend. You are a blessing to each one in our family and in yours.  I still have a picture of the sign you made me on the fridge at the Maple Springs house that says “ I love you Aunt Mary and I always will”.
 I know you have overcome great obstacles to get where you are today, and even bigger ones to get where you want to be in life.  Always know that in life, you usually get what you ask for, but it rarely cones in the package you think it is supposed to come in. Sometimes God hears and actually answers our prayer, but in His time and His way.  We don’t always understand, we just have faith. Stay on the path you are on, love your family and keep focused on your future. I love you with all of my heart, and until the day I pass, I will love you unconditionally.  You will always have me, no matter where your journey in life takes you. I love you.

          To My Ashwee- My second blessing. You too are the love of m y life and the joy of my soul. The one who gave us ‘NEVER a dull moment’ times as you were growing up. Growing up I can always remember your attitude and your ability to speak your mind, and make your point. Loving and compassionate and maternal. I’ll never forget when Can had the ‘sack baby’! you just took over and loved that bag of flour lie a mama!! I remember and will never forget the day we were on the couch at the Western Reserve house and you had your head in my lap and said ‘‘I don’t understand why you didn’t have kids. I think you are a great mom”. I gave you a ‘noogie’ and told you to hush, but in my heart you made me feel so loved and important.
          Always keep in the back of your mind the things you hated as a child and hold fast to not repeat them with your own children. Live in such a way that if someone decided to speak badly of you, no one would believe it.  There are people in your life that you truly inspire just by being you. I am one of those people.

          To My Briana Michelle, My third blessing. You too are the love of my life and the joy of my soul. My encourager, my Goddaughter, my baby. When God blessed me with you, He knew that I was ‘needy’ and when I grew older that I would need random notes and text messages to encourage me! You are always faithful in letting me know you love me. If you EVER THINK I don't cherish each message you send me, think again.
         I'll never forget how we used to call or text each other when I was in CA and MBFGW came on!! We would watch it together, 3000 miles apart. Thank you .
          Now, you are ‘Bri’ Harris moving upwards and onward. You are the one that constantly does small things with a huge heart. To you, no relationship has ever been a waste of time. If it didn’t bring you what you wanted it taught you what you didn’t want.  The way you touch lives and make everyone feel wanted and loved is a gift from God that you spread to many lives. I am so thankful for you.

          To My ‘Sheshe’- I just kind of lost it. Sheshe, the 4th and final blessing and gift from God. The ‘S’ in auntiem’s CABS!   I love you also with all of my heart and soul. What a joy I still get when you hug me. You were the first to announce my weight loss 10 years ago when you came running down the hall and put your arms around me and said  “I CAN PUT MY ARMS ALL THE WAY AROUND YOU NOW”!! That’s one day I’ll never forget. Another is the night before I left for California and you called me upstairs, and you were crying and said “Did I make you want to leave?” Honey, YOU made me want to STAY! You have always brought me pure joy. From rockin in the car to Jack and Diane to your’ loving the Dixie Chicks, we always shared ‘something’ that time and distance can never take away.  Sheila, I never wanted to leave you, or hurt you. You have no idea how much I missed you, and love you then and now. 

          If I could tell you girls one thing its take risks! Don’t just make the safe and easy choices because you are afraid of what might happen. If you do, nothing will happen. Sometimes I think that moving to California wasn’t the right decision, but it’s a part of my life that I do cherish. It was exciting and even though some bad came from it, I lived in CA for 4 years. It’s a decision I really do not regret. It was part of my journey.
          I love you girls with all of my heart. No one inspires me, loves me and lives in my heart like you four do. There is no one or nothing that completes me like you do.

          In closing I want to leave you with this verse in Jeremiah. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 
I love you,
Aunt Mary

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