Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last Night...

I haven't blogged for awhile. My health has kept me limited in how long  I can stay in one position. Funny thing is, sitting and laying are the worst 2. I guess thats a GOOD thing? 

Changes are coming. Ready or NOT!
I made a decision to tell my second husband about Phoebe. I always promised him that I would keep him 'in the loop' about Spikey and PhoebeSnow. Although it was against what I thought I SHOULD do. I notified him. It went amazingly well. He was...nice to me! BUT that number is only good for a couple more days. I will be pitching it on moving day. Goodbye past. I stepped into the modern day with an IPhone6! Yep!  Virgin Mobile offered a deal I couldn't pass up. Half off on the phone and still 25 a month, unlimited data, text and something else. BUT I upgraded to 35. a month and got unlimited talk as well!! I know I know...pays to stay with them for 4 years! Back to my ex, my heart went out to him. He is doing poorly health wise. I didn't  want to hear that. I hoped he and this wife would have many happy years. I still hope they do.

Where do our dreams come from? OMGosh I had the most SEXUAL dream last night about JJ!! Holy Crap! He really REALLY is a sexy guy. My type of sexy. Silver fox with a beard and ... ok, I am married now ( and not to the  Silver Fox ;) )  !!!! But, DANG, where did THAT come from? I was supposed to be there to watch his mom, but she was in the kitchen making pierogi    with her friends and yelling at me to hurry up and do their dishes!! Hahahah. I USED to be sick, I am better than all of you right now, she yelled as I washed!! The caregiver across the street came to the window and told me to go home, JJ was her man and that was HER  mom, so I called Paul to come and get me!!! Hahahaha. ..oh Lord I need laid.

Oh boy...

Well, I have some unloading to do today. HOping I can find some help Weds, Thurs and Fri evenings ... with trucks and then Saturday, I close the doors to this chapter of my life, and open the door to the next. With someone I never dreamed of ever bringing into my story!! Funny thing, life.

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