Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ten Thought Tuesdays

Ten Thought Tuesdays...

  1. Holy CRAP I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel!! My second husband left me with 2 pretty high bills that he racked up in my name. TODAY I finally finished paying one off, and I only owe 56.00 on the second one. THAT was a long time paying off, let me tell you. Ugh. That guy has it made, let me tell you!! NEVER did I ever meet ANYONE who would stiff their spouse and run off and live the good life! Thankfully I will never have to worry about running into someone like him EVER AGAIN. 
  2. Finally hit my #30 mark!! Its taken me 3 months to lose this 30 and FINALLY, I reached it today. I should play the lottery today !!
  3. How about my nieces employer just paid off her entire student loan. I know she is torn between being there  and coming back home, but her guy graduates in May with a Masters in Finance and truly, at her age... Let him move down there and begin HIS success story. Who knows, maybe they can both work for the same sports team! Then HIS debt will be paid off!! Looks like a couple of smart kids. 
  4. Okay. Last month I got this new vacuum  cleaner. And I emptied the box and put the accessories and the manual... God knows where. I have torn this house APART, and ... I just hope I didn't accidentally toss them. Ugh. 
  5. 17 more days!!!
  6. The foot doctor wants to see me this week. Biopsy results are in. Fingers crossed.
  7. I miss my girls. Horribly. MY oldest niece works midnight shift , my second oldest works 8-6 . the next one lives in Miami and the youngest works midnights and goes to school from  8-1 AND lives in another state. Why did I leave them for 4 years? Why....
  8. sigh...
  9. The youngest will be doing her grad school in Sydney. Yes, Australia . Thankfully its only 2 years. Only. 
  10. welp, made it to     TEN!!  Have an amazing  day!!

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